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John Deere Field Connect

With managing soil moisture and environmental impacts, Field Connect continues to be just the right solution to help your customer. In addition to the Field Connect information in the Ag Sales manual, there are now competitive comparisons available.

Eliminate the guess work behind managing soil moisture. John Deere Field Connect provides producers and advisers site-specific management information through soil moisture and environmental sensor offerings, facilitating the decision process surrounding crop production.

Reduce input costs through water management

  • Energy costs are rising, water conservation practices including allocations are becoming more prevalent, and chemical application continues to be a significant input cost to a producer’s operations. John Deere Field Connect™ system can provide producers the information needed to ensure that irrigation is used only when it is required, thereby reducing the tendency to overwater. Running an irrigation system only when needed will save on fuel costs and reduce the risk of washing chemical applications away from where the crop can use it. In areas with water restrictions, saving water today could make the difference between having a crop next season and not.

Improve yield and crop quality through data-driven decision making

  • A producer's yields are highly dependent on the inputs provided to the crop. Just as important is the time at which those inputs are provided. For corn, this means ensuring moisture is available during the pollination stage. Inadequate moisture during this key time can cause significantly lower yields. However, having too much moisture can be damaging as well.

The quality of a crop can also be affected if correct moisture levels are not maintained during fruit fill. In processing tomatoes, moisture levels are lowered in the final weeks of the season. This ensures that tomatoes are produced that have appropriate brix levels, high solids/sugars, to bring the highest possible price for the producer.

John Deere Field Connect provides detailed soil moisture levels throughout the growing season. When combined with optional environmental sensors, producers have a wealth of site-specific information at their fingertips. This ability to monitor moisture levels and key environmental conditions means decisions can be made around those key crop stages, allowing producers to make informed moisture management decisions.

Meets the needs of a variety of operations

  • With so many options available to producers, there is endless variation in the types of field configurations that a producer can use. John Deere Field Connect™ system can be used in irrigated fields utilizing drip irrigation, center pivot systems, furrow irrigation, and a host of others, helping the producer to schedule the appropriate irrigation.

Tiled field situations provide another opportunity for utilizing the system. While moisture may be plentiful, a producer’s ability to control the movement of moisture away from the field can be critical. In these fields, John Deere Field Connect can be used to determine when to open and close tile gates to ensure moisture levels are optimized.

Moisture information can also be important in chemical applications as well, enabling producers to make the most of their inputs, by ensuring soil moisture content and environmental conditions are appropriate for the application. This is true whether or not the field has systems in place to control moisture levels.

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