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RTK Network

What is RTK?

RTK stands for Real Time Kinematics. It offers a GPS correction signal from a base station which increases GPS accuracy for AutoTrac™ and Documentation Applications. RTK provides +/- 1 inch accuracy and repeatability pass to pass.

Why should you use Stotz’ Network?

Here at Stotz we are intimately aware of the proper requirements for a successful RTK base station installation. We survey and check each location we build a tower on to make sure there are no obstructions or contingencies that would reduce signal accuracy. Each tower on the Stotz RTK Network is not only connected to a 110v dedicated power line, but also contains a backup power source should the main power go down. This helps ensure stellar uptime availability.

Base stations are sophisticated investments: not only do they need a Starfire receiver with SF2 Ready and RTK activations; they require building or fabricating support structures, high gain antennas, and constant assessments to be operating at their most accurate levels. At Stotz we can leverage having many customers on each tower, which makes it easier to support and fine tune the stations. We also keep the technology on the towers up to date with both software and hardware releases. Simply put, it is a solution that takes the hassle and expense off of our customer’s shoulders and places it into the hands of our experienced AMS specialists and dedicated Integrated Solutions Group.

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